Welcome to  entorno  - synonymous of the spaninsh word: environment:
|| a complex of surrounding circumstances, conditions, or influences in which a thing is situated or is developed, or in which a person or organism lives, modifying and determining its life or character.||
    This is a non-comercial site.  

To whom seeks a better world, with thought and conviction.

We all are part of this Beautiful Globus Terra.

We invite you to seek reflection, to constructive ideas and we want to encourage to seek more love in daily life. We encourage to be more gentile, more humble, and even more honest.

Experience is the mother of all historical progresses, of science and intelligent argument. Step by step we are all gathering experiences from this infinite life-path, so we can co-operate in the infinite sea of wisdom.

After Us, they are coming - our own sons and daughters. Future inhabitants of a better World - because indeed it IS possible. We have all a choice every day. And if we choose Life, we also choose to keep on Believing in our Dreams. This is our Commitment with Life itself.

We do not intend with this website to add us to the novel thing, for that the information in the internet is already endless.

But yes we want to contribute with themes that treat their importance.

This site is ment to encourage to acknowledgement, and please feel free to colaborate with images, reports, comments, thoughts.


From a faraway point near the North Pole - 

today the 22nd of November 2006 entorno is rejoined

with honor, respect and homage


Always Present


B I E N V E N I D O S   a     ENTORNO !